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How to Use Coravin: Timeless Three, Timeless Five, and Timeless Six

Young, professional woman smiling as a glass of red wine is poured using a Coravin Wine Preservation System.

Introducing Coravin Timeless – our systems with SmartClamps™ and Coravin Needle technology. Right now, we have three non-connected devices in our lineup – Timeless Three, Timeless Five, and Timeless Six. If you’re interested in a Bluetooth-connected device, check out our sleek Timeless Eleven. We get into how to use the other three models below.

What’s great about Coravin Timeless?

There are two things that make Coravin Timeless models stand out. Firstly, they all feature SmartClamps for an easy on, easy off experience. SmartClamps allow you to insert your Coravin wine preservation system in one quick, firm push. The system will fit securely on any still wine bottle style.

The second differentiator is the Coravin Needle (our Pivot model doesn’t have this). The needle pierces through any natural cork and, if you’re dealing with a twist-off bottle, we have special Coravin Screw Caps for that. Both natural corks and our silicone screw caps are self-sealing, meaning you can tap into a bottle multiple times. “But, how?!” you ask? The needle in each Coravin system is intentionally off-center so that it inserts into the cork in a different place every time.

What’s different about Timeless Three, Five, and Six?

All Coravin Timeless models are similarly shaped and require Coravin Pure™ Capsules made of pure argon gas to power the system and preserve your wine for weeks, months, even years So, what’s different between the three? Basically, the look and finish.

  • Timeless Three: The Timeless Three offers essential functionality without the frills. It features a matte finish and ergonomic handle with a large gripping area for an effortless pour.

  • Timeless Five: The Timeless Five is built for professionals. It features professional-grade durability with its stainless steel spout and rubberized non-slip grip.

  • Timeless Six: The Timeless Six is our most stylish wine preservation system. It features sophisticated colors with glossy finishes, metallic accents, and a delicately patterned non-slip grip.

Now, let’s get into how to use Coravin Timeless systems – the ultimate wine savers.

How to use Coravin Timeless

Coravin Timeless is simple to use. Before first use, push the clamps release and slide the SmartClamps all the way up. Twist off the capsule cup and drop a Coravin Pure Capsules into the cup round end first. Turn the capsule cup back onto the system tightly (this is important to optimize your pure argon gas use), then pull the SmartClamps back down.

  1. Clear: Before each use, press the trigger quickly to clear the Coravin system of any air or wine residue.

  2. Insert: With the bottle upright on a table, align the SmartClamps over the neck of the bottle and push down firmly in one fluid motion until the needle is fully inserted.

  3. Tip: With one hand holding the handle and the other on the bottle, bring the spout over a glass. Tilt the bottle until the spout is lower than the base (45° angle) and wine is fully in contact with the cork.

  4. Pour: Press and release the trigger quickly to pour your desired amount of wine. Repeat if the flow of wine slows or stops. To stop the flow of wine, tilt the bottle to an upright position at any time.

When you are ready to put your bottle away, remove the Coravin Timeless system by grasping the bottle with one hand and handle with the other. Pull the Coravin system straight up and off in one fluid motion. It’s common for the needle to leave behind a drop of wine on the cork. Wait a few seconds until the cork fully reseals, then wipe the cork clean and store the bottle on its side for optimal preservation.

How to Use Coravin Timeless

Now that you know how to use Coravin Timeless Three, Timeless Five, and Timeless Six, it’s time to start drinking. To enhance your wine-drinking experience, we have a number of amazing brands and experiences on the Coravin Marketplace. Shop some of our favorite wine glasses, wine fridge, and more below.