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Coravin Sparkling Reviews

Coravin Sparkling device unboxed on the table

Opening a bottle of sparkling wine like Champagne, Cava, or Prosecco – whether it is in celebration or simply to unwind after a long day – is a special ritual that immediately sparks joy.

If you’re a sparkling wine lover like Chasity Cooper – Chicagoan journalist and wine enthusiast – then you can relate to the concern regarding opening a bottle of bubbly and worrying that you will end up wasting what you don’t drink.

But, what if I told you you don’t have to finish the entire bottle in one sitting? What if you could open two bottles, or even three bottles, and still keep that flavour and effervescence for weeks to come? This isn’t science fiction, it’s Coravin Sparkling™.

“As a sparkling wine lover, I’ve experienced many moments when the bubbles I opened were accidentally left on the countertop, and inevitably tasted like flat, lemon-lime soda the next morning. So, when I initially received my Coravin Sparkling™️ system, I was ecstatic but skeptical, taking my time to put it to the test. With the guarantee that the last glass tastes just as amazing as the first, I could only wonder, ‘“What is the magic behind this device?’”

Coravin Sparkling TM Sparkling Preservation System Review

After sampling a glass of Prosecco and Champagne one day, and then trying a glass from the same bottle 1 week later, Chasity was happy to report, “They both tasted incredibly fresh! The Prosecco had flavors of tart green apple, pear, and apricot with zesty acidity. As for the Champagne, it was boastful with notes of toasted brioche, nuttiness of almond and hazelnut, and dried fruits like apricot and fig.” Chasity let another two weeks sail by. “Upon opening the bottles for the second time, surely, I knew this would be the time that they would either fall flat or absorb all of the many foods that were in my refrigerator, right? Wrong! Any apprehension I had about how fresh the wines would taste went out the window as soon as I poured them into the glass. The Prosecco? Still bursting with green fruit freshness, it tasted as if I had opened the bottle for the first time. The Champagne was just as elegant as I had remembered.”

YouTube sensation and Master of Wine, Konstantin Baum also tested the Coravin Sparkling™ back in late 2021, when the product was first released. As the video shows, the Sparkling stopper will work on any sparkling wine bottle, even a magnum bottle.

As Konstantin unboxes his new device, he shares, “My first impression of the device is that it's quite well designed. Like most Coravin devices, it’s elegant and luxurious.” While he pours himself a sizable glass on bubbly, he demonstrates the ease of clamping on the Coravin Sparkling™ Stopper and recharging the bottle with CO2 – ensuring the sparkle and flavour stays intact.

Brand NEW CORAVIN SPARKLING - First Unboxing and Review

Travel and lifestyle bloggers, Jim and Christina Butcher, were excited to learn that Coravin can be used on Champagne, the two tested Coravin Sparkling™ over the course of four weeks to discover the device kept their bottle of bubbly filled with fizz and mousse during the entire month.

How to keep wine fizzy for 4 weeks

After week two, Jim was happy to report, “That’s about as good as it was when I first opened the bottle.” In week four, the couple blind-tasted their preserved bottle of Beaurepaire’s Blanc de Blanc alongside a fresh bottle. In the video, Christina remarked, “There is no significant difference from a taste perspective.”

Overall the feedback from the latest Coravin wine preservation device has been well received. If you, like our above reviewers, enjoy a glass of sparkling wine but worry about wasting the bottle, worry no more. This device has been put to the test and the response has been outstanding. Not only can you pop that bottle in celebration of summer and no more lockdown, but you can also pop that bottle anytime and explore various bottles of Prosecco, Cava, Champagne, and so much more.

Want to learn more about our Coravin Sparkling™ device? Visit our FAQ section for more information on the Coravin Sparkling™ system, charging the device, and how the CO2 capsules work. Interested in learning more about Coravin in general? Join the Club Coravin and get VIP access to special promos, offers, news, events, and more.